So Long and Thanks for the Encouragement

I'm out of the loop, I can't do this anymore or like Michael Stipe, I might lose my religion if I listen to anymore of this "discerning" crap. I know our God, my family knows our God and with His help whoever I can reach will know our God.

So I bid adieu to Ken, Phil, Ingrid and all your watch poodle friends. You might not hear from me, but He'll hear me praying for you.

8/31/07 - Life Journal - Light Weight Christianity

" 'Because they lead my people astray, saying, "Peace," when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, "Where is the whitewash you covered it with?"
Ezekiel 13:10-12

These prophets were telling the people of their "visions". They were preaching a message of peace that was not from the Lord and in their human weakness the Jewish people happily accepted this incredible lie.

We all want a rosy outlook but to gloss over the warnings of scripture and the seriousness of the Gospel is akin to the false prophets of old. We're turning Jesus into a social activist and our Lord into a benevolent grandfather that's waiting to leave you his fortune if you'll only visit him every once in a while in the nursing home. Come to our country! Happy, happy, say a prayer, live forever and get rich. How can you not fill a church? People will preach about the bountiful blessings He wants to gloriously bestow on us and we gobble it up without looking around at the blessings we have already been given. I don't mean to be crude but we're the only country on earth whose poor are fat while 3/4 of the world is starving. Enough of the whitewashed wall.

Lord open my eyes to your love and gifts already given to me so I can stop asking for what I can get and concentrate on what I can do.

8/30/07 - Life Journal - He Sees You When You're Sleeping

Ezekiel 8

I couldn't see one verse to sit by itself here. God takes Ezekiel on a journey through Jerusalem. The purpose of which is to show all the evil happening in His city. Even " the inner court of the house of the Lord...were about twenty-five men. With their backs toward the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east, they were bowing down to the sun in the east."(v. 16)

This hit me as a great lesson in the impossiblity of hiding anything from the all-knowing God. Whatever you practice in darkness, He sees with His light. My old pastor, David Baxter, did a lesson on integrity. If you want to see what type of person you really are, just look at what you do when you think noone is watching.

Lord let me feel your presence when I'm alone and need your strength.


This is a great page to get all the "buzz" on the presidential race. The links below:

"Wonkosphere is for all political bloggers, writers and political enthusiasts who need to stay on top of the 2008 Presidential race but can't spend all day searching for the hottest and most relevant material. Wonkosphere tracks over 1,000 political blogs and web sites per day-including yours--and provides analysis of the political buzz that is timely and unbiased.

For each candidate, our unique analysis shows you their share of buzz in conservative and liberal blogs, highlights the most representative posts, and tells you whether the tone of discussion about the candidate is trending up or down. And the daily feature "One Step Ahead" gives prominence to those bloggers whose content was one day ahead of everyone else.

Wonkoblog, the official blog of Wonkosphere, posts timely comments about what's going on in Wonkosphere, and serves as a discussion community for our users."

Thanks to the "Reformed Chick" for the info....

Are You Ready for some Football?

The NCAA Football seasong kicks off today and what a way to start! Tonights game to watch is (2)LSU at Miss St. Some more great match-ups this weekend are:

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame
Oklahoma St. at (13)Georgia
Kansas St. at (18)Auburn
(15)Tenn at (12)Cal
(19)FSU at Clemson

Of course I'm interested in the Gators but playing W.Kentucky didn't quite meet the requirements for "great match-up".

8/29/07 - Life Journal - The American Church of Laodicea

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, 'I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.' But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.
Revelation 3:15,16

Again, we see the difficulties facing us comfortable Americans and any affluent people around the world. We lie to ourselves believing we have acquired all of our material possessions on our own. We sit in our suburban caves, venturing out like a naked mole rat every once in a while to check the mail. Man do we have it made. The facade is there, we are happy, Christian families to the world. But we are also lazy, or "lukewarm", with our faith. It's stored inside us and rusting just as our earthly treasures will turn to rust. When Jesus says he's gonna spit us out, the taste of our Church is so bad that the Greek used here literally means vomit! Our arrogance, pride, selfishness, etc, etc, etc makes Jesus Christ, our Savior, want to puke.

Why can't I break this cycle! I'd like to say I'm not materialistic but just buying new shoes when the old ones still have the soles is too much. Driving down the road in my 9 year old Honda I continually find myself looking with lust at all the new cars around me. Heck, fertilizing my yard while killing the environment with run-off just so my grass is green is proof of the mental prison I'm in. I need to find one little habit at a time and break it, end this crap once and for all. I've been a captive of materialism and slave of creditors for too long.

Lord, empty me, break me, tear me down. Then please build be up and fill me with You.

The Antichrist is Here....

...and disguised as a friendly tomato?

Well not exactly, but one is rotting our kids minds and blocking their walk with Christ! Well according to Slice of Laodicea it is.

Pride - The Gateway Sin

Grabbed this little golden nugget off of Joe Thorn's blog:

In his book, Humility, C.J. Mahaney explains that, “Pride is when sinful human beings aspire to the status and position of God and refuse to acknowledge their dependence on him.”

He then goes on to quote Richard Mayo's sermon on "The Prevention and Cure of Spiritual Pride" in which Richard says when talking about pride:

“It is a big-bellied sin; most of the sins that are in the world are the offspring and issue of pride.”

A few of the examples of these sins sprouted from pride are:

Covetousness - because you believe you deserve something more than others.

Ungodly ambition - because you believe that you are most qualified, and the idea of someone else being preferred over you is an insult to your perceived worth.

Boasting - because everyone should know who you are and what you have accomplished.

Contention - because in picking fights you feel a sense of superiority over those who may (or may not) be in error.

Unthankfulness - because you deserve everything you get!

Selfishness - because others do not!

Self-deceit - because it’s easier to believe you are something, when in fact you are nothing.

A judgmental attitude - because you believe the errors of others are much more serious than your own.

Gossip - because you look so much better when telling others how awful someone else is. Mayo said that the proud “endeavor to build their own praise upon the ruins of others’ reputation.”

Complaining - because God should have consulted you before orchestrating the events of your day/life.

Hypocrisy - because you must hide the truth, your own failures, in order to avoid shame and accumulate praise.

I wonder if "Christ's pastor-teacher" has read this one.

ASBO Jesus

If you haven't seen the work by this guy you have to check it out. He's got some pretty clever cartoons, like a spiritual versions of a political cartoonist.

This one kind of reminds me of a certain of the shoot and hide technique of a group of "discernment experts" who are called to be "Christ's pastor-teachers".

Check him out here ASBO

Historical Jesus

"The only historical Jesus there is is the one who has his being in union with the Son of God who is eternally begotten of the Father. Those who pore over the gospels searching for another Jesus (whether their motives be apologetic or critical) pierce their hearts with many pangs, for they study a matter which does not exist."
John Webster

Thanks Michael.

Doubting Thomas

This is what some people out there call a "God thing". You know something comes along right when you need it, "Man, that was a God thing, right there!" Scrolling through my reader I found this post on Triablogue.

It's like Steve was writing in response to my Stained Glass Masquerade post!

God is here. I just need to shut my mouth sometimes to hear Him.

8/28/07 - Life Journal - Ephesians and Nicolaitans

I know your deeds and your toil and perserverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you put to the test those who call themselves apostles and they are not, and you found them to be false; and you have perserverance and have endured for my names sake, and have not grown weary. But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.
Revelation 2:2-4

Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.
Revelation 2:6

In His message to the church at Ephesus, Jesus praised their steadfastness in testing anyone that comes in the name of the Lord and that they have indeed flushed out some false prophets. That's awesome, but then He chastises them for leaving their first love. In browbeating anyone and everyone proclaiming their allegiance to Christ they have lost the joy they had themselves when they first came to believe and were now bordering on a Pharisaical self-righteousness.

Jesus then goes on to mention the Nicolaitans in what at first seems to be a verse of no consequence. The thing is, this small nugget has as much weight as vs.2-4 when applied to todays church. The Nicolaitans were a heretical sect that taught that spiritual liberty gave them sufficient leeway to practice idolatry and immorality. This sounds like a lot of people today that grasp a hold of the "once saved, always saved" mindset and never stop to think about the stumbling blocks they are placing in front of new Christ followers or the hypocritical image they are presenting to the community.

So it looks like Ephesus had it's very own Apprising Ministries and Emergent Village!

For some reason I believe God wants us somewhere in the middle. We need to live as it is outlined for us in the bible without becoming legalistic in our missional life, while at the same time not losing ourselves in the sub-cultures we are trying to reach.

Lord, I pray that I'll be faithful in study and prayer so I'll know how to be a better follower of your Son and a shepherd to His flock.

8/28/07 The Blood of the Lost

When I say to the wicked, "You will surely die," and you do not warn him or speak out to warn the wicked from his wicked way that he may live, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.
Ezekiel 3:18

To look the other way while those around us continue to live their lives seperated from God is sentencing them to death, and their blood is on our hands.

I can't be a spiritual dead end, basking in my personal salvation and selfishly keeping His gift for myself. It's my responsibility to take His message to everyone I come in contact with.

Lord, fill me with your love so that it can't help but overflow from me.

Life Journal Listings

Searching around on Technorati I've found some other users of the Life Journal that we are using here a Journey and I thought I'd list them over on the left. Just thought it would be a great learning tool to see what other people are grasping in their daily readings.

Leave me a comment with anyone else you know of that's posting their entries!

8/27/07 - Life Journal - He is Awesome

When I saw Him, I fell at His feet like a dead man, and He placed His right hand on me, saying, "Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last, and the Living One; and I was dead and behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and of Hades.
Revelation 1:17,18

When we see Him it will be such an amazing, beautiful and overwhelming sight that we won't be able to help but to fall face down at His feet. Like the shepherd He is His first thought will be to assure us and alleve our fear, reminding us who He is and will always be and that we are victors with Him over death.

We must focus! The path is narrow but we have to stay in line. I want this to be the scenario that plays out when I come face to face with Him and hear Him say, "Well done!"

Stained Glass Masquerade

In his post at IV Marks, How to Prepare Your Church For Discipline, Jonathan Leeman points out some aspects of Jesus' message that somehow get glossed over when teaching the Gospel:

- Christ came to purchase a people out of sin, so that we will sin no more.

- God calls his people to be holy because he is holy.

- We’ve been baptized into the death of Jesus so that the body of sin might be done away with.

- Through the new covenant, God actually changes people—he gives them new hearts and new desires.

- Christ calls his followers to repent and believe.

- A man cannot serve two masters.

- A house divided against itself will not stand.

- What good is salt that has lost its saltiness? It might as well be thrown out and trampled.

- Only he who perseveres to the end will be saved.

- If anyone says “I love God” but hates his brother, he is a liar.

- This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commands.

That, along with a discussion we had last week at our small group about how we can be sure if we are truly walking in His light and not in darkness, got my mind back on a subject that screws me up inside every once in a while. I know that I am far from perfect. We're taught that but when taken in context with the above quotes it seems that I'm falling far short of His expectations. When called to repent, that is a 180 degree turn around and sometimes I feel like I'm stuck at 90. I'm luke-warm when Jesus demands that I be hot or cold. I feel like I should be on the blunt end of the accusations Jesus hurled at the Pharisees.

“Woe to you, experts in the law and you Pharisees, hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs that look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of the bones of the dead and of everything unclean."
Mat 23:27

How can I be a leader in church let alone a spiritual leader in my in my own household. I can talk the talk but .......

Does anyone else ever feel like this? I look around and everyone seems to have it all together while my faith seems child-like, my mind a scramble and my flesh as weak as it ever was. Am I alone? Sometimes I feel that I'm on a tightrope and that only my relationship with Sheri is keeping me from falling and there's no net. Check out the lyrics to the Casting Crowns - Stained Glass Masquerade:

Is there anyone that fails
Is there anyone that falls
Am I the only one in church today feelin’ so small

Cause when I take a look around
Everybody seems so strong
I know they’ll soon discover
That I don’t belong

So I tuck it all away, like everything’s okay
If I make them all believe it, maybe I’ll believe it too
So with a painted grin, I play the part again
So everyone will see me the way that I see them

Are we happy plastic people
Under shiny plastic steeples
With walls around our weakness
And smiles to hide our pain
But if the invitation’s open
To every heart that has been broken
Maybe then we close the curtain
On our stained glass masquerade

Is there anyone who’s been there
Are there any hands to raise
Am I the only one who’s traded
In the altar for a stage

The performance is convincing
And we know every line by heart
Only when no one is watching
Can we really fall apart

But would it set me free
If I dared to let you see
The truth behind the person
That you imagine me to be

Would your arms be open
Or would you walk away
Would the love of Jesus
Be enough to make you stay

We as the church need to preach the hard stuff. Make a decision, raise your hand, fill out a card and get the new believers bible? That's not gonna cut it. We also need to make sure we're not raising up a spiritual generation of hypocrites.

Sin is real, Hell is real.

High School Musical vs. Hollywood

Thank you Disney (never thought I'd say that)! HSM is awesome and my girls love it. Even my 3 yr. old son danced around the house with his basketball singing "Get Your Head in the Game. My wife and I are big Grease fans but I don't know, these kids got it goin on. One thing I realized after watching them both pretty recently is how raunchy Grease actually is. Nothing overly conspicuous but still. I love this review for HSM from Time magazine:

"a raging bacchanal of hand holding, milk drinking and explicit thespianism! Obviously, this is escapism for parents too. Even the kids' rebellions – baking crème brûlée, angry dance numbers – would look good on a college application."

and from the Christian Post:

Disney Channel's "High School Musical" phenomenon has shattered cable viewing records and has millions of teens talking and singing about a G-rated youth culture contrasting the violence, drugs and sex prevailing on media screens today.

Great job, I hear there's a third coming to theaters next year. We'll all be there on opening night most likely.

Emmanuel Moody to UF

Emmanuel Moody has picked the Gators over the Tarheels. This looks to be an awesome pick up and with his mandatory year off he'll have plenty of time to get Urban's system down. Among his accolades last year were the 2006 The Sporting News Freshman All-American honorable mention and also The Sporting News Pac-10 Offensive Freshman of the Year. A years a long time to wait but I think it will be worth it!

8/26/07 - Life Journal - We didn't invent it?

Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church about your love. You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans. We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men so that we may work together for the truth.
3 John 1:5-8

Wait a second! We didn't come up with anything new by being missional? Nope, just coined the phrase. By planting churches? Nope, just organized and networked it near to death. By growing disciples? Nope, just made it almost impossible for "initiates" to pass our own version of legalism that Jesus set out to banish. Here John is speaking with his friend Gaius and from what we read we can assume that he was a leader and teacher of Christ followers and rearing up disciples. Just as they were taken in, John says that Gaius should release them back into the world with good will so that all could work together for the truth, His Kingdom.

We have got to take discipleship more seriously. Sunday mornings can't just be a place for people to fraternize until the next "cool" church opens. It must be used to draw them to a deeper understanding and a road on which to lead them to higher purpose with instruction and encouragement. Likewise, this cannot be a dead end road. It should flow through our community and onward to others that need to hear His Gospel and be raised to be disciples.

8/25/07 - Life Journal - Ask and you shall receive?

Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name's sake.
Psalm 79:9

All things in creation were made to glorify His name. When we come to Him in prayer we must be humbled before Him and seeking His glory through our blessings. If we pray in accordance to His will and spread His glory through our answered prayer there is nothing He doesn't want to give us. The key phrase here is "according to His will", or simply, if our request goes along with the plan He has for us.

Be bold in prayer for He can provide more than we can even imagine but also be humble and do not enter prayer with a greedy heart. And always, remember His blessings with thanksgiving. Prayer is a conversation with the Father, share your troubles, victories, doubts, joy, sorrow. It is not a trip to Santa's lap giving up our "wish list".

8/24/07 - Life Journal - Keep Your Eyes on the Target

And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.
He who has the Son has the life; He who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.
1 John 5:11

That is the whole shebang! No ifs, ands or buts. We can get into knock down, drag outs about issues of doctrine, paedo/credobaptism, faith alone/faith + works, modern worship/hymns, preservance of saints, blah, blah, etc, etc. That's all great and debate with our brothers will sharpen us all but it all comes down to - YOU MUST HAVE THE SON TO HAVE LIFE!

We can't lose sight of this simple truth. In all our discussions and theological wanderings don't let things get so complicated that Jesus' ulitimate sacrifice gets left out of the equation!

8/23/07 - Life Journal - Brotherly Love

We love because He first loved us. If someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.
1 John 4:19,20

God's children, who he created in His image, are our responsibility. It's an extension of Jesus' command to Peter, "If you love Me then shepherd my lambs". If our love isn't flowing out of us for His creation, in turn we don't truly love Him.

We must see God in everyone around us, and love them as ourself. If we search our heart and can't find this unconditional love, how can we say we love Him?

The Asian Cajun

Here's a shot of my bro Bob Marceaux, aka Marso, aka Crazy Bald Cajun, aka The Asian Cajun. He just recently took a hop across the pond to Tokyo, Japan where he will be living for the next year. His family will be following soon. After that they'll be in Singapore for 2 years! What an opportunity to discover another culture and take his love for Jesus " the ends of the Earth." We'll miss them all.

Emerging, Not Emergent, Thank You

"I was part of what is now known as the Emerging Church Movement in its early days…. I had to distance myself, however, from one of many streams in the emerging church because of theological differences. Since the late 1990s, this stream has become known as Emergent. The emergent church is part of the Emerging Church Movement but does not embrace the dominant ideology of the movement. Rather, the emergent church is the latest version of liberalism. The only difference is that the old liberalism accommodated modernity and the new liberalism accommodates postmodernity" (p. 21).

Excerpt from Mark Driscoll's Confessions of a Reformission Rev. (Zondervan, 2006

You may have missional tendencies if....

1. You talk more about the Kingdom of God than you do your local church.

2. You are more in awe of the radical Jesus than you are the charisma of your pastor/preacher.

3. You feel a greater sense of community in the parking lot than in the pews.

4. You've oftened muttered leaving a 'church service', "there's got to be more to it than this".

5. You've often wondered why the church couldn't meet in the park or Starbucks once in a while.

6. You've cringed at the coldness and indifference of church people when someone shows up at our 'church service' that looks and smells different.

7. You've wondered why Christians only hang-out with Christians when Jesus seemingly never missed an opportunity to party with the riff-raff.

8. You've wondered what God does the other six days of the week.

9. You've had the urge to spill your guts to the next artificial inquiry, "I'm fine, how are you?".

10. You've had the compelling urge to join the preacher at the podium to present an alternative perspective.

11. You've wanted to fall to your knees while everyone stood for another happy-clappy song.

12. You've wanted to close a 'service' by shouting from your pew, "NOW WHAT?"

13. You sometimes find more spiritual depth and authenticity in the lives of those who do not go to church.

Thanks goes out to Larry Chouinard.

Tell 'em That God's Gonna Cut You Down

It almost comes across as an indictment against those in the video instead of a tribute to the Man in Black. Great song anyway. His voice, wow. I poached this one off of Think Christian

Stereotypes, The Emergent Church and Sola Blog....

I copied this from Out of Ur, notes in parentheses are mine.....

Does Christian radio (Blogdom) have more influence over your flock than you do?

Sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura,…sola radio (blog)? The following conversation is based on true events.

Church member: “Pastor, I’m very disturbed by something you said in your sermon yesterday.”

Pastor: “I’m glad you came to talk with me about it. What’s bothering you?”

Church member: “In the sermon you mentioned Erwin McManus.”

Pastor: “That’s right. I quoted something he said about church membership.”

Church member: “Well, I’m very disturbed that you would reference someone like him in a sermon? McManus is part of the emerging church, and I have serious problems with their theology based on what I’ve heard on the radio
(read on a blog).”

Pastor: “You do know Erwin McManus is a Southern Baptist and I’m pretty sure his theology is quite orthodox. In fact, our denomination invited him to speak at our convention two years ago.”

Church member: “Yes, I know they did and I’m very bothered by that as well. McManus is part of the emerging church, and the emerging church is involved in all kinds of heresy.”

Pastor: “The label ‘emerging church’ is used to describe a lot of different things, and I know some emerging church leaders are pushing the envelope with their theology, but I don’t think Erwin McManus is one of them. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really considered McManus part of that movement. I think his books are just packaged and marketed to that crowd. I don’t think you have to worry about his theology. Have you ever read one of his books?”

Church member: “No, but I don’t have to. I listen to Chuck Coleson on the radio
(read such and such blog) and he says the emerging church is very, very dangerous. It’s not something we should be messing around with, and the fact that you’d quote an emerging church pastor in your sermon is very alarming.”

Pastor: Well, I’d encourage you to read up on what McManus teaches and believes, and if you find something problematic let me know. I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

Church member: “I don’t think you heard me. Coleson said on the radio
(They said on their blog) that the emerging church is full of heresy. It’s dangerous. Why would I read one of those books?”

Pastor: “I haven’t listened to Chuck Coleson’s program
(read that particular blog), but I can assure you in my study I’ve found nothing wrong with Erwin McManus, and neither have the leaders of our denomination.”

Church member: “Yes, but Chuck Coleson is on the radio
(this blog is on the internet). I’m just letting you know it really bothered me yesterday. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend. I don’t know what I would do if this church started becoming emerging.”

I’ve recapped this conversation for you because it jives with something Brian McLaren wrote a few years ago. He said:

Sometimes I think that the most powerful and popular denomination in America is a stealth one. It’s not the Baptists or the Catholics or the Methodists or the Assemblies of God. It’s "radio-orthodoxy" (Blogodoxy) the set of beliefs promoted by religious broadcasting (the religous blogcasting community). Do you doubt the power of radio-orthodoxy (Blogodoxy)? Just try contradicting it.

I’ve had my share of confrontations with Christians that adhere to radio-orthodoxy (blogodoxy). I recognize they measure every sermon I preach against what is beamed through the airwaves (dsl connections). But I have yet to discover a pastoral way of handling their unquestioning faith in the disembodied voices (faceless words) they hear on the commute to work everyday (while surfing at work).

I’m not calling for a revolt against Christian radio stations (blogs) (although I don’t listen to them personally). I recognize that many people are blessed and encouraged by the programming offered through the radio (internet). However, the voices coming through the speakers (words on the screen) seem to be monotone. Without multiple perspectives and thoughtful dialogue around important issues facing the church (social, political, missional, or familial) listeners (readers) are left to believe the Christian position is cut and dry, black and white. And those who dare to question this perspective, as I did with my disturbed church member, are given a verbal lashing that ends with “thus saith the radio (blog)!” What is a radio-heretic (blogeretic) to do?

Does this ring any bells? Are alarms sounding off? Wake up Christendom!

Vadimir Putin ushering in new era of Cold War?

Eurofighter Typhoon jets scrambled for the first time to intercept Russian nuclear bombers approaching British air space, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

As relations between Russia and Britain deteriorate, the number of incidents in which Russia's submarines have been found close to British shores or in contact with Royal Navy warships has also risen.

The incident comes as part of continued Russian sabre-rattling by President Vladimir Putin. In two incidents this summer Russian Tu-95 nuclear bombers were spotted heading towards British air space off Scotland and over the US-held territory of Guam.


Putin has already been outspoken on his desire to build Russia'a military strength back to what is had been in the past, and with their new oil riches this seems likely. His nationalist views are very scary and eerily reminiscent of Adolph Hitler. This is not the last we hear of Vlad!

Don't buy these hats! Your life could depend on it!

Thanks to New Era, NY Yankees caps are now being offered in your choice of gang colors! They have the blue bandanna of the Crips, the red bandanna of the Bloods and the Gold Crown for the Latin Kings! Talk about marketing to a specific group. Kind of makes us being chastised for playing contemporary Christian rock music during worship seem a little less evil, huh? The first thing I thought of, and it is mentioned in the story, is this scenario. Say I have no idea what the insignia's mean. I like the hat, I buy it, I get mowed down in a spray of bullets because I unwittingly cross into a "rival" gangs territory. Bad enough they are glorifying this lifestyle, but innocent victims will pay for it. Here's the hats to stay clear of:

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

Desiring God has posted the videos from this years conference, looks like some great viewing to be had!

Here's the titles and speakers:

The Supremacy of Christ and Joy in a Postmodern World - John Piper

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World - David Wells

The Supremacy of Christ and the Gospel in a Postmodern World - Tim Keller

The Supremacy of Christ and Love in a Postmodern World - D. A. Carson

The Supremacy of Christ and Truth in a Postmodern World - Voddie Baucham

The Supremacy of Christ and the Church in a Postmodern World - Mark Driscoll

A Conversation with the Pastors - Piper, Driscoll, Keller

Speaker Panel

It's Not Either/Or (a response to A Little Leaven)

Here's a response to my previous link to Leaven's pop quiz from CRN.Info

We're starting to see where the orthodoxy (right belief) gets in the way of the orthopraxis (right belief combined with the right practice.

ESV Online

Found a link to the ESV Bible Onlne over at 5 Pointers blog. He pointed out a nice feature when getting into some serious reading and studying. Under options you can turn off the headings, chapters, and verse numbers. Who knows, maybe all online bibles have this feature, but it's pretty cool and I think it will come in handy.

Here's a great site to get some traffic to your site. It let's you post your blog and then you review it yourself. Who better knows what your site is about then you? Follow this link to get yourself on the sonar, Blog Reviews.

Time for a Pop Quiz

Here's a clever post on "A Little Leaven" that helped reinforce my stand against the "Dr. Phil" method of reaching the lost.

Hymns vs. Praise Choruses

Depends on the listener, see scientific case study below (no, not really):

An old farmer went to the city one weekend and attended the big city church. He came home and his wife asked him how it was.

"Well," said the farmer, "it was good. They did something different, however. They sang praise choruses instead of hymns."

"Praise choruses?" said his wife. "What are those?"

"Oh, they're OK. They are sort of like hymns, only different," said the farmer.

"Well, what's the difference?" asked his wife.

The farmer said, "Well, it's like this - If I were to say to you "Martha, the cows are in the corn"' - well, that would be a hymn. If on the other hand, I were to say to you:

Martha, Martha, Martha,


the cows, the big cows, the brown cows, the black cows

the white cows,

the black and white cows,


are in the corn,

are in the corn, are in the corn, are in the corn,


Then, if I were to repeat the whole thing two or three times, well, that would be a praise chorus."

The next weekend, his nephew, a young, new Christian from the city came to visit and attended the local church of the small town. He went home and his mother asked him how it was.

"Well," said the young man, "it was good. They did something different however. They sang hymns instead of regular songs."

"Hymns?" asked his mother. "What are those?"

"Oh, they're OK. They are sort of like regular songs, only different," said the young man.

"Well, what's the difference?" asked his mother.

The young man said, "Well, it's like this - If I were to say to you 'Martha, the cows are in the corn' - well, that would be a regular song. If on the other hand, I were to say to you:

Oh Martha, dear Martha, hear thou my cry

Inclinest thine ear to the words of my mouth

Turn thou thy whole wondrous ear by and by

To the righteous, inimitable, glorious truth.

For the way of the animals who can explain

There in their heads is no shadow of sense

Hearkenest they in God's sun or His rain

Unless from the mild, tempting corn they are fenced.

Yea those cows in glad bovine, rebellious delight

Have broke free their shackles, their warm pens eschewed

Then goaded by minions of darkness and night

They all my mild Chilliwack sweet corn have chewed.

So look to the bright shining day by and by

Where all foul corruptions of earth are reborn

Where no vicious animals make my soul cry

And I no longer see those foul cows in the corn.'

Then if I were to do only verses one, three and four and do a key change on the last verse, well that would be a hymn.

Check out more Musings of an Old Pastor

Thanks, Don

Third Day's Mac Powell - What is Worship?

"Well worship to me, in a sense, is really the Gospel. Because it's us dying to ourselves and really giving credit for life, and peace, and love, and everything that we have to God--and thanking Him for those things, and giving Him the credit that He deserves. There's a great scripture in Romans that says, "Brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God." It goes on to say that "this is your spiritual act of worship."

A lot of times within America, and within the church, we kind of feel like worship is music and lifting our hands and that's a great part of it, but worship is not just that. Worship is when we die to ourselves and we allow God to come into our lives and change us and live His life through us. That to me is worship."

That's it but if you'd like to hear Mac instead of reading this jump over to for the video!

8/22/07 - Life Journal - We're in Exile

This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: "Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease. Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."
Jeremiah 29:4-7

I might have taken this a little too far in my amateur attempt at hermeneutics, but it makes sense to me. The Jews in Babylon were basically told to be fruitful and multiply. Take a wife, have some kids! God didn't want His people to disappear! He was punishing them, not destroying them. He also told them to seek peace and pray for the prosperity of Babylon so that they might live as good examples and in properity also.

Here's my take. We are all living in exile from Eden. Ever since that encounter with the "snake" we have been captives of this world instead of owners. Now, we haven't been wiped off the face of His creation but we are being punished for now we are all born sinners. Instead of wallowing in despair He wants us to remember our Father and come to Him for help. He wants us to be set free from the captivity of death. With our new found freedom He wants us to be fruitful and multiply, living our lives in such a way the we will be multiplying others to walk in the light with us, growing His family on Earth until it is time for Him to release us from this bondage and lead us home.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back from captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile."
Jeremiah 29:10-14

8/21/07 - Life Journal - My Purpose

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.
Psalm 118:17

Some interpreters attribute Psalm 118 to the Jews after they are led out of exile in Babylon at the dedication of the second temple. It is a hymn of thanksgiving. The Lord has delivered the people from their enemies and they were praising him in song.

This is just as relevant now. I, and everyone saved by His grace and the sacrifice of His son, should raise our voices in praise and thankfulness for His wonderful gift. He has delivered us from our sins and protects us from our enemies. He has promised us a new Jerusalem. We stumble along in our lives not taking the time to see everything He has done for us. We should wake every morning with the words from v.24 on our lips, "This is the day that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

My every breath is a blessing. Why am I so ungrateful. I need to take the time to see the blessings all around me and spend quiet time giving thanks to the One who makes it all possible. As a worship leader, I, and all my brothers and sisters in this ministry, need to take more time searching the lyrics of our songs for truth, making sure they are honoring Him and not showcasing us and not just the current "hit" song.

Apple vs. Microsoft (which is worse)

Microsoft (new keyboard)

Apple (Is there anything that "i" can't do?)

She describes motherhood to a T

Below is the description a 28 year old stay at home mom gave for her blog Suburban Oblivion on Technorati.

28 year old stay at home mom from Alabama. Once dreamed of being a writer, now just dreams of peeing alone and finishing a meal in one sitting.

How many out there..hem..Sheri..can relate to this? Just substitute writer for whatever was given up for motherhood and voila!

Should we use secular songs on Sundays?

This is a great response to the question above. It was given by Bob Kauflin at his blog WorshipMatters.

First, the idea that we should make "seekers" feel more comfortable in church begs for further clarification. We should make sure that unbelievers can understand what's going on in our meetings, and that we're not doing anything to make them feel unwelcome. But it's not our responsibility to make sure they're "comfortable." The church is different from the world. We've gathered to build each other up by rehearsing and celebrating the Gospel, calling to mind God's covenant promises, confess our sins, exercise spiritual gifts, and much more. "To each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good" (1 Cor. 12:7). I wouldn't expect someone who doesn't know the Savior to be totally comfortable in that setting. Our primary goal is to make sure that unbelievers have the opportunity to encounter in some way the grace and truth of God revealed in Jesus Christ, expressed through his church.

Read the rest at the link above! Thanks, Bob.

10 RBI's for Anderson

How's this for a day at the plate:

Garrett Anderson of the LA Angels was 4 for 6. Ok pretty good, but wait there's more.

Those 4 hits consisted of a Grand Slam, a 3-Run HR, a 2-run Double and a 1-run Double! Yes, you added correctly, that's 10 RBI's in one game! Somehow along the way he managed to leave 2 men on base. All this added up to a spanking off the NY Yankees 18-9.

The record is 12 RBI's shared by Jim Bottmoley in 1924 and Mark Whitten in 1993. Whitten accomplished this with 4 HR's against the Reds.

Still, this is one amazing display of hitting!

Save the Planet, Kill a Moose....

Researchers in Norway claim a grown moose can produce 2,100 kilos of methane a year, equivalent to the amount of CO2 caused by an 8,077-mile car trip, der Spiegel reported.

He's gonna blow!

Perry Noble, come on down.....

......You're the next contestant...........

Seems even Perry can't escape the wrath of the C.R.N.

Stayed tuned for more from the front lines.

A Brit's take on Islam (warning - a little colorful language)

Seems to be an atheist if you see the titles of his other videos but this one brings up some good, and humorous points.

Whitey's Fish Camp?

So what's goin on over at Whitey's Fish Camp. Is this a weekend getaway for Klansmen? Another example of "The Man" exploiting catfish for monetary gain?

I'm sorry Whitey, I couldn't resist. It's actually a highly rated restaurant on the St. John's river. The review linked above says they're known for their "Famous All-U-Can Eat Catfish". I think I passed this place once on the back roads from Orlando to Deland. I know Sheri's mom would like to check it out.

Hurricane Dean disrupts travel plans...

Are you kidding me? This is a headline on A category 5 hurricane was about to wreak havoc on the Yucatian Peninsula and us spoiled Americans are ticked that their travel plans got screwed up. Here's a quote from Megan Kohut of State College, PA:

"I'm highly disappointed," said Kohut, who learned of the change only after she had flown in from Pittsburgh.

What happened, was her cruise cancelled? Nope it was rerouted and her itinerary was changed. Better put her on suicide watch.

8/20/07 - Life Journal - Check out my Bling....

Why do you boast of your valleys, boast of your valleys so fruitful? O unfaithful daughter, you trust in your riches and say, 'Who will attack me?'
Jeremiah 49:4

We brag about our material gains on earth, using it as an excuse for not submitting fully to God. What's the point? I have everything I want, who needs Him.

The truth is we have everything because of Him whether we'd like to admit it or not. Without his blessings we'd have nothing and without our thankfulness one day He might turn his face from us and that's exactly what we'd end up with.

I have to come to fully realize this. In some ways I still believe I can do this myself and am proud at what I've done and what I have without thinking that if I didn't have these God given talents I couldn't have done anything! And without His grace I would have succeeded in screwing up my life a long time ago.

8/19/07 - Life Journal - Yes Lord, just name it!

Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It is the Lord!" As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, "It is the Lord," he wrapped his outer garment around him (for he had taken it off) and jumped into the water. The other disciples followed in the boat, towing the net full of fish, for they were not far from shore, about a hundred yards.
John 21:7,8

Peter here again shows his impulsiveness. When he heard it was Jesus on the shore he grabbed his clothes and took off! Right into the water he went, he wasn't going to wait a second longer, even though they were a hundred yards from shore. His Master who he loved dearly was back and he had to be with Him. After denying Him 3 times he was eager to be reinstated into His graces and 3 times Jesus would ask Peter if he loved Him (v.15-17) and gave him the task of tending his lambs.

To be on fire like that would be awesome. Every chance we have to give glory to Him or sacrifice ourselves for Him, we need to be ready to jump out of the boat, shouting "Yes, I love you Lord, what would you have me do?"

8/18/07 - Life Journal - Inspired word of God

But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.
John 20:31

This one line says it all. God inpired these people 2000 years ago to record the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The time it took to write all this down and preserve it so it could be found so many years later is good clue as to it's importance. It was done so that we could read about it and through our reading, and with help from the Spirit, believe so that we'd have life.

We have to read this as more than just an historic narrative! This is the word of God breathed into life. Too many people that are smarter than their own good have read this and said, "Sure, it's a good message, who wouldn't listen to Jesus as a guide on how to live your life", missing the entire point!

My Yahoo! Avatar is much cooler than me Simpsonized

Yahoo! Avatars

In the Big Inning!

I pulled this off of Night Owl's blog....Great analogy!

When I think of my mission here on earth, I am reminded of the term sacrifice as used in baseball. A batter bunts, (sacrifices themselves), in order for a runner to advance bases. In doing so, the batter is not only sacrificing themselves for the base runners, but for the team as a whole. Well now, there’s an interesting thought; when I sacrifice myself for one person, the team benefits. Should and must fit well in this example. The batter could say, “I should bunt” and then choose to just swing for the fence; and maybe get lucky. More than likely, they won’t get lucky; they will simply be an out with nothing to show for it. In the end, the team as a whole pays for the choice. One side thought here. When the coach says you “must” bunt and the player says “I should” bunt, there is going to be a price to pay for that choice. That price is going to be more than simply walking back to the dugout saying, “I ‘should’ have done what was asked of me”. Looking back, there has always been a price when I “should” have done what God asked of me but didn’t.


These will make you talk to your Father!

Check out these airports! Think a couple of prayers are sent up when landing here?

Tioman Island , Off the coast of Malaysia

Wake Island, Pacific Ocean

Macao Intl Airport

Kuujjuaraapik , Quebec

Steroids and Figure Skating!

An alarming trend in steroid abuse among figure skaters surfaced this past weekend when Michelle Kwan crashed through the boards while attempting a quadruple axle.

Theological Triva according to Weekly World News

From the New York Times by way of Think Christian here's some interesting things we've learned from the Weekly World News:

Q.: What does God look like?

A.: God “has fiery green eyes, flowing brown hair and stands 9 feet tall.”

Q.: What does God sound like?

A.: “A hundred baritones and a symphony orchestra rolled into one,” as recorded by a Soviet space probe.

Q.: Where is heaven?

A.: Heaven is 28,000 light-years from Earth, according to another space probe.

Q.: Where is hell?

A.: Nine miles below the surface of Earth, according to Soviet engineers drilling in Siberia (the Soviets played a curiously large part in these discoveries). Weekly World News reassured readers that those engineers had capped the hole after smelling smoke and hearing the cries of the damned.

Q.: How do you get to heaven?

A.: Through the Bermuda Triangle — did you have to ask? This was attributed to a Dutch physicist, who also reported that the passage to heaven was open 16 times a year.

Interesting stuff, I can't believe I've never learned this in Sunday School!

Guys, don't let your wives fool you!


I'm sorry :)

8/17/07 - Life Journal - For Us

"The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.

In his days Judah will be saved and Israel will live in safety. This is the name by which he will be called: The LORD Our Righteousness."
Jeremiah 23:5,6

There are many names for God and Jesus but this one above is awesome! The Lord Our Righteousness! Think about that. God was saying through Jeremiah that He would send someone who, through His death, would save us from ourselves. All of that in that one title.

He will be called, "The Lord Our Righteousness". The only way we can be righteous is to be free from sin. That had already proven impossible. We could make some sacrifices here and there but the stain would never leave. He was going to make us white as snow. To do that He had to give himself, the perfect Son of God, as the perfect sacrificial lamb.

He is our LORD and he became our RIGHTEOUSNESS!

8/16/07 - Life Journal - You said it Caiaphas, not me!

Caiaphas was the one who had advised the Jews that it would be good if one man died for the people.
John 18:14

This is a great example of God's plan coming from where you'd least expect it. It's kind of humorous actually. Caiaphas actually believes he's the one that came up with the idea to put Jesus to His death. Do you think he knew how right he was when he said that it would be good if one man died for the people? He had no idea but it was the smartest, most prophetic statement he had aver made.

8/16/07 - Life Journal - A Double-Edged Sword

Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his countrymen work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.
Jeremiah 22:13

This one hit me as the double-edged sword that is a major cause of the lack of faith in this country. The rich are getting richer, but not with hard work, seems that's a thing of the past. See a new idea, buy it. Need some more profits, move your factory to Mexico. Want to retire, cash out the pension plan and disappear. Slow down production causing a false shortage, hire illegal aliens, doctor your taxes, write off your yachts, buy off your congressman, launder your cash where ever you can. That's the name of the game. Get more, doesn't matter the cost. Forget about all that religious crap! I did it all by myself. Check out my Benz and my mansion. Why do I need God.

End of sword - side one

Start sword - side two

How many millions of backs are being broken under the weight of just trying to stay alive? I'm not talking about people like me, I'm more like the first group than I'd care to admit. I mean the people that barely make enough to survive. Without them there wouldn't be us! How must they feel about a God than can let them live in this servitude? How strong must their faith be to believe there's a purpose for their life and they will receive their treasures elsewhere?

The meek shall inherit the earth, true, when the rich man's pride is broken and he's humbled to his knees before God and the poor are brought out of the shadows and given pride and dignity from those whose thumbs they are under.

8/15/07 - Life Journal - Revel in Persecution

I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of this world, even as I am not of the world. I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one."
John 17:14,15

This world will hate us, the surge in atheist rhetoric being a great example. Be strong knowing that Jesus said we would be persecuted for speaking the truth. The persecution could get worse, but be joyful knowing it for God's glory.

We all have wondered why we aren't removed from this world but read further. Jesus didn't ask God to take us out of this world, but to extend His hand of protection over us as we continue on with the assignment we have been given.

I have to remember that derisive statements, feelings of insecurity, shyness when speaking of my faith, anger/hatred towards me and all out attacks on my character or person are all from the "evil one". Celebrate His victory when satan comes against you.

"Where are the tourists?" wonders Virginia Tourism Board

That is a beautiful image, fall foliage in the background, a mother and daughter together (I'm hoping) and a vivacious young woman making a heart with her fingers. Virginia is for lovers, of course.

So what's the problem? Why has this advertising been pulled? Well, it seems the heart symbol shown in their advertising is a hand gesture used by the "Gangster Disciples" aka "Black Gangster Disciples", a gang bases in Chicago know for their large scale crack-cocaine operations.


(and I really hope that's a mom and daughter or this campaign's problems aren't over yet! The whole concept looks like an add for an Indigo Girls concert.)

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh coming soon to a church near you!

Alright, it's true I like these two guys. Reggae music is a beatifully simple art form with it's roots in a type of non-violent protest. They were singing about the oppression of their people by the government and the church. Jamaica in particular has been a case study of how a local citizenry can be exploited in the name of cash and tourism. In the early days they were exploited for their muscles and brought as slaves to work the cane industry.

Because of this, and maybe some "visions" from their ritualistic use of marijuana, a new religion was formed, Rastafarianism. They regard themselves as conforming to how Africans should live as if they had never been brought into slavery. They believe Haile Selassie 1, the former emperor of Ethiopia is God incarnate, whom they call Jah. The name Rastafari comes from: Ras-(head, or Duke in Ethiopian) and Tafari Makonnen-Haile Salassie's pre-coronation name. They believe that Jah, is the 225th in an unbroken line of Ethiopian monarchs descended from the offspring of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. This, they argue, gives him the right to the titles: King of King's, Lord of Lords's and conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

OK, there it is in a nutshell and there may be some errors, forgive me. My point of this whole blog is, yes, I like reggae music but............

Anglican Church in Jamaica to Add Bob Marley to Hymn Books going a little too far, dontcha think? True we play some secular music before services but never in our times of worship and praise! Added to the hymnal's? Again, another sign of taking the whole "reaching out to another culture" thing a little to far.

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11.20.07 - Matthew 7:26,27 - As the Foundation Crumbles

11.21.07 - Matthew 10:14 - No Time to Waste

11.22.07 - Matthew 13:47 - The Lord's Dragnet

11.23.07 - Matthew 16:2 - Sailor's Delight

11.24.07 - Matthew 17:5 - Shut Up and Listen

11.25.07 - Matthew 22:44 - Old Dogs, New Tricks

11.26.07 - Matthew 24:12 - Hope Floats

11.27.07 - Matthew 27:21,22 - Give Me Barrabas

11.28.07 - 1 Thessalonians 2:9 - I'm a Tentmaker

11.29.07 - 2 Thessalonians 1:11,12 - We're not Worthy

11.30.07 - Romans 3:20 - Hello Sin

12.01.07 - Romans 6:15 - Love God, Do What You Want

12.02.07 - Romans 11:17,18 - Deus lo Volt

12.03.07 - Romans 13:8 - Materialism, Shmearialism

12.04.07 - Ephesians 4:14 - Fad Resistance

12.05.07 - Ephesians 5:25 - I Love You Sheri

12.06.07 - Philippians 1:12,13- My Own Prison

12.07.07 - Colossians 1:28 - Job Description

12.08.07 - 1 Timothy 1:19 - The Message is Love

12.09.07 - Titus 1:16 - Somebody's Watching Me

12.10.07 - 2 Timothy 1:7 - I Got the Power

12.11.07 - Hebrews 3:13 - Account-a-billi-buddy

12.12.07 - Hebrews 7:12 - The New Covenant

12.13.07 - Hebrews 10:26 - My Hope is in You

12.14.07 - Hebrews 12:1 - No Pain, No Gain

12.15.07 - James 2:21 - Alternate Definition of Works

12.16.07 - 1 Peter 1:13 - Time for Action

12.17.07 - 2 Peter 1:5-8 - Be All That You Can Be

12.18.07 - John 2:18-22 - 24/7 Church

12.19.07 - John 5:6,7 - Do You Want to be Healed?

12.20.07 - Joyn 8:6-8 - Casting...stones?

12.21.07 - John 11:51,52 - Discerning His will, not mine

12.22.07 - John 12:10,11 - The Life Cycle of Sin

12.23.07 - John 15:1,2 - Pruning the Vine

12.24.07 - John 20:8,9 - Can I Get a BAM

12.25.07 - 1 John:1,2 - The Reason for the Season

12.26.07 - Psalm 117:2 - Thank Him for That

12.27.07 - Revelation 1:8 - My Beginning and End

12.28.07 - Revelation 7:17 - Our Tears Will Be Wiped Away

12.29.07 - Revelation 10:9,10 - Your Words are Sweet

12.30.07 - Revelation 15:2-4 - Pre, Post, Mid...???

12.31.07 - Revelation 21:22,23 - New Jerusalem Now!

01.01.08 - Genesis 2:18 - Lord, Thank You for My Eve

01.02.08 - Genesis 3:6 - The Fall

01.03.08 - Luke 3:8 - Fruit from the Vine

01.04.08 - Genesis 9:12,13 - I WANT MY RAINBOW BACK!

01.05.08 - Genesis 12:4, Luke 5:11,27-28 - Drop Everything

01.06.08 - Genesis 16:11,12 - The Nation of Ishmael

01.07.08 - Genesis 26:19 - Pillar of Salt

01.08.08 - Genesis 22:1-3 - Oh, for the faith of Abraham

01.09.08 - Luke 9:61,62 - Leave it Behind

01.10.08 - Genesis 25:31-33 - My Birthright for a Bowl of Soup?

01.11.08 - Psalm 4:4 - Despite All My Rage

01.12.08 - Luke 12:16-20 - A Steward's Mentality

01.13.08 - Luke 13:20,21 - The Kingdom of Heaven

01.14.08 - Luke 14:3 - Grace > Law

01.15.08 - Luke 15:3-6 - The One Lost Sheep

01.16.08 - Genesis 39:2 - Oh, for the Integrity of Joseph

01.17.08 - Genesis 42:2 - His Plan Plows Forward

01.18.08 - Luke 18:17 - Like a Child

01.19.08 - Luke 19:40 - Even the Rocks Cry Out

01.20.08 - Psalm 8:3,4 - Who Am I?

01.21.08 - Exodus 2:7 - His Chosen

01.22.08 - Exodus 4:11,12 - Teach Me to Speak

01.23.08 - Luke 23:26 - Can I Bear it?

01.24.08 - Exodus 11:9 - Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go!

01.25.08 - Psalm 21:1,2 - Sing the Psalms of David

01.26.08 - Acts 2:41 - Pray for a Modern Pentecost

01.27.08 - Exodus 17:2 - You put ME to the test?

01.28.08 - Exodus 22:21 - Strangers in a Strange Land

01.29.08 - Acts 5:1 - Take My Life

01.30.08 - Acts 6:10 - Power of His Word

01.31.08 - Acts 7:59,60 - Father Forgive Them...and me...

02.01.08 - Acts 8:4 - Jesus Take the Wheel

02.2.08 - Psalm 16:2 - God is Good, All Good is God

02.03.08 - Acts 10:1-3 - Yes Father, I am Here

02.04.08 - Psalm 19:7 - Law and Order

02.05.08 - Exodus 40:36,37 - Part Time God

02.06.08 - Leviticus 3:16,17 - A Constant Diet of Worship!

02.07.08 - Leviticus 6:12,13 - Extinguish the Flame

02.08.08 - Acts 15:8-11 - We're Free (so why don't we act like it)

02.09.08 - Acts 16:14,15 - Thank You for Our Women

02,10,08 - Leviticus 13:45,46 - Remove the "Cancer"

02.11.08 - Acts 18:1-3 - Workplace Ministry

02.12.08 - Psalm 13 - He's Dealt Bountifully With Me

02.13.08 - Acts 20:26,27 - Their Blood's On My Hands

02.14.08 - Psalm 24:3,4 - Give Us Clean Hands

02.15.08 - Psalm 25:4,5 - Guide Me in Truth

02.16.08 - Acts 23:3 - You're All Hypocrites

02.17.08 - Acts 24:16 - Man of Integrity

02.18.08 - Acts 25:11 - Stand with Confidence

02.19.08 - Numbers 6:24-26 - Aaron's Prayer

02.20.08 - Psalm 23:4 - The Lord is My Shepherd

02.21.08 - Numbers 8:19 - Y'all Come Back Now, Y'hear?

02.22.08 - Numbers 11:13 - Where's the Beef?

02.23.08 - Numbers 13:30,31 - With Arms Wide Open

02.24.08 - Numbers 14:9 - No Fear

02.25.08 - Mark 4:12 - Guide Me in Truth

02.26.08 - Numbers 20:10-12 - Glory Be to God

02.27.08 - Mark 6:5,6 - Hometown Zero?

02.28.08 - 1 Corinthians 13:12 - Simple Man

02.29.08 - Faker

03.01.08 - Mark 8:12 - More Brains than Faith

03.02.08 - Mark 9:28,29 - A Light Yoke

03.03.08 - Mark 10:21,22 - The Eye of a Needle

03.04.08 - Mark 11:9,10 - Can't Put God in a Box

01.27.10 - Exodus 17:12 - We All Need Somebody...

01.29.10 - Exodus 23:29,30 - Just a Little Patience...