Bible anyone?

Can anyone point me to a church that actually teaches the bible anymore? Seriously? I'm done with the "God's plan for financial freedom" and "Best Life Now" and "God's plan for our marriages" and so on....

I wish I could find a Calvary Chapel around here. Word for word, chapter by chapter they teach the WHOLE bible and from that lessons that apply to our lives are found as they were meant to be found. In whole verses so the meaning is plain to see. Instead, church has become "Let's find a cool subject and then piece meal verses together so they agree with what we're trying to say!" You can get the word of God twisted to mean anything you want in that way, throwing stuff way out of the context that it was originally meant when it was written.

Anyway, read your bibles children, cuz you ain't getting it in many of the churches I've been to lately.....!

1/29/10 - Life Journal - Just a Little Patience

I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and possess the land
Exodus 23:29,30

God will lead the Israelites to the promise land......and He'll do it according to His perfect plan. Not too fast, not to slow. If he wiped out their enemies to soon no one would be there to tend to the land and it would be a wild animal filled wasteland when they arrived. If He waited too long, well, they'd have a serious fight on there hands.

It's hard waiting for things to happen in His time and I fail miserably when it comes to patience. Another class in my education, growing my faith in Him thus increasing my patience and hopefully then carrying that patience over to everyday life. It would blow us away if we saw what events had to take place for us to be where we are now. My case, some seriously evil dudes had to invent VX, Saron and Mustard Gas for it to eventually be stored in the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky. Then the people had to rise up and say, No More! We don't want that stuff here anymore. Then some science geek had to invent the process to neutralize this stuff. Then someone had to convince the Department of Defense to put up the cash to build the plant. Then I had to see an add looking for designers. THEN FINALLY I could get off my butt after 7 months of unemployment (which by the way went extremely well since He also provided for us during that time). That all took place over a hundred year period if you count WWI when some of these nerve agents were first used. So I got the job, just in time. Not too soon, not too late (in His Timing)

1/27/10 - Life Journal - We All Need Somebody to...yeah, that...

When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset.
Exodus 17:12

Whenever Moses held the staff of God up Joshua was unstoppable as he fought the Amalekites. Yet his human strength couldn't keep it going all by himself. Fortunately he had Aaron and Hur ready to jump in and do their part.

WOW, timely verse to get me kick-started! While it's possible to do this thing called life (thanks Prince) with just the strength of God and my faith in that strength it's so much easier if I surround myself with my own Aaron's and Hur's. We left an amazing group of people back home but I can't wallow around in my suburban cave. We've found a church, that's the first step. Now to get involved again....deep breath.....ok. I think we're ready.

Father, I need a community like I had back home. I don't know how long you'll have me here but best to plan for the long haul (please not 40 years). I know I have to do my part but I also know you'll lead the right people to us.

Take Some Pride in Your Criminal Activities

If you're going to try to steal my Paypal account information, at least have the decency to check your grammar, geesh!

"According to our terms of service, you will have to confirm your account every 6 month.

Unless you don't want send us a copy of your personal id for verification, you have to confirm your account until: 27 September 2008"

Meet Brandt Russo

Here's a story out of my local paper about a dude traveling around the country, ministering to homeless people. The crap that went down with Ignited Church unfortunately enhanced the perceptions of hypocrisy in the Church that is all too often a barrier to all too many.

But that's a side story here. A necessary footnote that will bring to light Brandt's ministry. More importantly it will put a face on the faceless.

Journey Church, mentioned in the story and it's pastor, Adam Mayfield, are my church and pastor. The seemingly insignificant thing Adam did by letting them crash at our offices and continue is work there is the most important thing Journey has done in it's 1 1/2 years. But again, the story here is about Brandt's ministry so be sure you watch the video on the left and hear a little about his work.

Click the link…………

Latest Downloads..........

First let me thank Big Doofus for telling me about 89.3 Minnesota Public Radio The Current..........

Now to the songs:

Yeasayer - Sunrise (different but great percussion)

The Black Keys - Psychotic Girl

Mudcrutch - Scare Easy (the band that became Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers that came back together to release an album)

Tune in next time...........

Latest Downloads..........

Thought I'd share what's going into the iPod.

I've been listening to a public radio station out of Fordham University in New York that plays everything from Johnny Lee Hooker to Bjork. It's a great mix plus they have an all Irish show on the weekends...........

The website for online listening is

Here's todays list:

Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

Coldplay - Violet Hill, Viva La Vida

My Morning Jacket - I'm Amazed

The Raconteurs - You Don't Understand Me

Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Posses Your Heart

Stay Tuned........

I'm Alive!

Thanks to everyone that's commented asking about how we're doing. We (yes we, the whole family arrived last Friday) are doing great! I got our apartment furnished and cable ready all by myself, just in time for my arrivals who would have killed me if they missed the premiere of "Camp Rock". (for those without young girls, it's the latest Disney movie, starring the Jonas Brothers)

We're living in a great little town named Ramsey, NJ. Five minutes north and we're in New York, twenty minutes east and we're in New York. Work is going awesome and I know Sheri and the kids have all of our weekends planned for the next 2 months. Saturday we might try to do the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan or maybe the Edison Museum in, uh, Edison, NJ.

I located a Redeemer Presbyterian church plant in Teaneck, NJ and hopefully we'll be checking it out soon. I can only hope that they need a stand in drummer from time to time..................

I don't know what our plans are for the future. I'm sure we'll make it back to Lakeland sometime, just don't know when! I hope to be on here more regularly, doesn't everyone say that?

Talk soon!

p.s. Pastor Eddy, I got your message, sorry for never getting in touch. Leave me a message if you still want to talk..........

Great Day in the Big Apple!

Had the ultimate NYC experience yesterday. At the last minute Sheri got me a ticket to the Yanks-Mariners game at Yankee Stadium. Got to test my driving skills in the City. First took the George Washington Bridge into NY, this became the Cross Bronx Expressway, then exited onto the Major Deegan which I took to exit 6 for the stadium.

Had a little adventure finding parking, got to see some streets in the Bronx that I never would have, on purpose at least. The game was awesome. My seat was in the lower level right behind home plate. The Yanks came back in the 8th to win 6-5 and I enjoyed a cup of Bud and a messy but delicious sausage, pepper and onion sandwich.

Afterwards, on the invitation from a guy at work, I left the stadium headed across a bridge (155th?) into Manhattan (Harlem), took a left on Adam Clayton Powell Ave, went down to 139th, left to Lenox Ave (Malcom X) then right down to a secluded little Jazz Club/Art gallery called 449 LA. Awesome music, fresh sangria and great people. I'm sure I stood out a little, white guy in a Made in Ireland t-shirt, but I had a blast. They let anyone get up and play so maybe next time I'll feel a little more comfortable and hit the congas or something.

Altogether it was a great time. Thanks to Sheri for getting me off my butt or I would have spent the day in my hotel room (like I'm doing now........)

New Move!

I appreciate the comments from those of you that read my blog. I've been going through some major changes lately and I hope to be back soon. I'm starting a new job next week and will be away from my family for a while. I plan on using the time away to get back into my bible study and hopefully my blog will kick back into gear. Talk to you all soon!

Haven't posted in a while...

...but that's a different story.

I couldn't pass up linking to this blog by Carlos. YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

Ranks up there with Chris' blog on Pete's baptism as posts I'll never forget.

Why are you still here? GO! NOW!

3/5/08 - Life Journal - Father God (yes I skipped a day...oops)

...and for a pretense make long prayers.

Mark 12:40

Jesus was calling out the people that put on a wonderful show of holiness, seemingly trying to prove how much better they are than everyone else.

I laughed at this part and I almost laugh out loud when someone gets into one of those prayers that's all, "Lord Jesus, I love you, and Lord Jesus, thank You for everything You, Lord Jesus, have given me, and Lord Jesus, did I say I love you Lord Jesus". It's almost as comical as someone you're with all the time busting out in King James english whenever they pray. Come ON! God knows who we are, he knows how we talk, he even knows what we're gonna pray about. Just spit it out.

Father, I'm not the best at prayer so I hope I'm not being too hypocritical, Father God, but I really do love You!

What's happening down at the Double Deuce?

While it's true that Patrick Swayze, star of "Roadhouse" and a few other minor movies, is being treated for pancreatic cancer, his physician says he is responding well to treatments and the rumors of him having only weeks to live are false. Continue praying for him.

Roadhouse happens to be one of my favorite movies (don't know why, just is). Fans of the movie and Rock N Roll have already felt a big loss this week with the passing of Jeff Healey. The awesome blues guitarist, blind from early childhood, died after another battle with cancer. He was truly amazing.

Let's just hope that Sam "I'll get enough sleep when I die" Elliott is taking care of himself.