Take Some Pride in Your Criminal Activities

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Meet Brandt Russo

Here's a story out of my local paper about a dude traveling around the country, ministering to homeless people. The crap that went down with Ignited Church unfortunately enhanced the perceptions of hypocrisy in the Church that is all too often a barrier to all too many.

But that's a side story here. A necessary footnote that will bring to light Brandt's ministry. More importantly it will put a face on the faceless.

Journey Church, mentioned in the story and it's pastor, Adam Mayfield, are my church and pastor. The seemingly insignificant thing Adam did by letting them crash at our offices and continue is work there is the most important thing Journey has done in it's 1 1/2 years. But again, the story here is about Brandt's ministry so be sure you watch the video on the left and hear a little about his work.

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