3/5/08 - Life Journal - Father God (yes I skipped a day...oops)

...and for a pretense make long prayers.

Mark 12:40

Jesus was calling out the people that put on a wonderful show of holiness, seemingly trying to prove how much better they are than everyone else.

I laughed at this part and I almost laugh out loud when someone gets into one of those prayers that's all, "Lord Jesus, I love you, and Lord Jesus, thank You for everything You, Lord Jesus, have given me, and Lord Jesus, did I say I love you Lord Jesus". It's almost as comical as someone you're with all the time busting out in King James english whenever they pray. Come ON! God knows who we are, he knows how we talk, he even knows what we're gonna pray about. Just spit it out.

Father, I'm not the best at prayer so I hope I'm not being too hypocritical, Father God, but I really do love You!


Mike said...

Amen Chris.... Amen

Adam Mayfield said...

You still alive?