What's happening down at the Double Deuce?

While it's true that Patrick Swayze, star of "Roadhouse" and a few other minor movies, is being treated for pancreatic cancer, his physician says he is responding well to treatments and the rumors of him having only weeks to live are false. Continue praying for him.

Roadhouse happens to be one of my favorite movies (don't know why, just is). Fans of the movie and Rock N Roll have already felt a big loss this week with the passing of Jeff Healey. The awesome blues guitarist, blind from early childhood, died after another battle with cancer. He was truly amazing.

Let's just hope that Sam "I'll get enough sleep when I die" Elliott is taking care of himself.

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FishHawk said...

Hmm, instead of "Dirty Dancing" or "Ghost": you focus upon "Road House". GOOD BOY!!!