Bible anyone?

Can anyone point me to a church that actually teaches the bible anymore? Seriously? I'm done with the "God's plan for financial freedom" and "Best Life Now" and "God's plan for our marriages" and so on....

I wish I could find a Calvary Chapel around here. Word for word, chapter by chapter they teach the WHOLE bible and from that lessons that apply to our lives are found as they were meant to be found. In whole verses so the meaning is plain to see. Instead, church has become "Let's find a cool subject and then piece meal verses together so they agree with what we're trying to say!" You can get the word of God twisted to mean anything you want in that way, throwing stuff way out of the context that it was originally meant when it was written.

Anyway, read your bibles children, cuz you ain't getting it in many of the churches I've been to lately.....!

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Reality Church said...

Chris, Reality Church Tampa is a Calvary Chapel church plant that needs a drummer!