I'm Alive!

Thanks to everyone that's commented asking about how we're doing. We (yes we, the whole family arrived last Friday) are doing great! I got our apartment furnished and cable ready all by myself, just in time for my arrivals who would have killed me if they missed the premiere of "Camp Rock". (for those without young girls, it's the latest Disney movie, starring the Jonas Brothers)

We're living in a great little town named Ramsey, NJ. Five minutes north and we're in New York, twenty minutes east and we're in New York. Work is going awesome and I know Sheri and the kids have all of our weekends planned for the next 2 months. Saturday we might try to do the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan or maybe the Edison Museum in, uh, Edison, NJ.

I located a Redeemer Presbyterian church plant in Teaneck, NJ and hopefully we'll be checking it out soon. I can only hope that they need a stand in drummer from time to time..................

I don't know what our plans are for the future. I'm sure we'll make it back to Lakeland sometime, just don't know when! I hope to be on here more regularly, doesn't everyone say that?

Talk soon!

p.s. Pastor Eddy, I got your message, sorry for never getting in touch. Leave me a message if you still want to talk..........


Mike said...

Chris, it's awesome to hear from you again. I hope all is well with your move and the new life in NJ.

Sicarii said...

Good to know you're settling in fine, brother. That weekend schedule sure sounds packed with fun! There's nothing like exploring a new town/city.

God bless!

Eddy Williams said...


It is good to hear from you and I hope that everything is going well with this new move.

I will keep checking your blog to keep up with you. I am praying for someone that I have never met. I am asking God to bless you and your family. Honor Him through the gifts and talents that He has given you!

May God Richly Bless you and your family.

Pastor Eddy